Diana Miruslan

Life & Executive Coach

Since 2018

My Mission:

To help you detach from the external and connect with the Authentic You. Transmute your worries into the light. Go through awakening and alignment with your Higher Self. Go through transformation, hear and heal your inner self. Bring harmony and balance into life. 

(1)                        welcome


I created this website personally so you could get to know me.

Each idea/problem is created with a resource for its realization/solution.  

Today many things can happen with us in this fast temp, and it is too easy to get lost in your thoughts or lose a sense of now. 

But to enjoy life now:

  • Sometimes we want to spend time in solitude.
  • Sometimes we must go through «breakdown» or «clearance» to allow new changes.
  • Sometimes we need a safe place to reflect.
  • Sometimes we must cry out to understand something that can change the world.
  • The days are running so fast, and change is necessary.
  • Sometimes some of our «beliefs» do not let us enjoy life fully or be completely in the moment.
  • Some patterns that work in the background that we cannot recognize do not allow us to be free.
  • Sometimes we need to slow down.

You have the power to change your reality and live in your desired realm. Your soul knows all answers, what to do, when, and how to do it. The only necessary thing is to bring inner peace to hear Your Intuition. 


(II)                        nice to meet you

A bit of history:

When I was ten years old, I started my adventure of traveling around the world solo. From that moment until now, apart from traveling, I lived in the UK, China, Turkey, Cyprus and Hungary. I have 3 degrees from the University of Buckingham, International Business School Budapest, and Girne American University.

Coaching is something unique and special for me. At some point, I questioned what I liked to do the most. The answer was on the surface. I love helping people enjoy this life. I love seeing them inspired, seeing them shine. I love to listen to them, and if I can help in any way to move forward with their dream/goal, it is very valuable.

Each person is like a different planet to me, with their uniqueness and values. For me, a person’s trust means a lot and is highly valued, and I am honored to be a part of the transformation process and this magnificent work.

The matters of inner feeling and satisfaction in life are important to me. It is a different pleasure to see a person with burning eyes, an open heart, and an attraction to all that is new and unexplored. We can shine and create our own lives at any age, and it’s never too late to change things!

I went through several Spiritual Awakenings and have connected to my Starseed origins: Andromedans, Sirians and Eridanians. Thus now I share knowledge that is necessary for evolving. 


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My Projects:


MPro is organized by my father and me to help companies to change. We give webinars, and yes, we both are coaches.

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EMRADO is all about IT & Digital Marketing. Make your business process simple to enjoy your life without any worries.

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This project is made specifically for Kazakhstan to empower women and transform ethnical to modern.

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My Social Media:

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(V)                        fees

Pick Your Plan

Pure Coaching

4 sessions per month. Pure coaching.



4 sessions per month + my guideliness


1 hour session — discussion

I am totally flexible about time changes. If you feel that I am exactly the one you need, but the fees are not comfortable for you, please contact me to explain your situation.



Trust is a necessary tool in coaching relationships. Everything that happened during the coach session stays in the coach session. For me, someone’s trust means a lot and is highly appreciated. Each person is a whole different universe, and that honorable to be a part of the transformational process and this magnificent work.


(VI)                        appointment

What’s the process?

(I) — Firstly you get in touch with me in most comfortable way.

(II) — After that, we have a virtual meeting (or physical, if we are in the same city). At this point, we meet each other to understand if we feel comfortable for further partnership.

(III) — Then, if we feel fine with each other, we decide which way we are going, how long we want to work, etc. In other words, we decide practical questions for further partnership.

(IV) — That is not a necessary step, but if you feel more comfortable and secured, we signed a contract about our partnership together with all details about work.

(V) — We start our work towards desired goal.

Some Notes

— Everyone is unique and has its own temp. We work as much as it is comfortable for you.

— If you don’t know how to reach your goal or what to do, that’s fine! That is why I am here for you, to go through with you and be there to achieve your goal. Even if you do not have a clear picture of your destination, we can work on it too.

Transformations take time. It does not happen in one day, and it is a process. Do not worry if you did not get insights during the session. Importantly we started the «background» thinking, and surely answers will find you.

— I love sharing some printables and books. If you feel like you need some tasks/exercises/papers to be on track, please let me know.

— Relax. Be yourself. Trust the Universe. Enjoy the process.